Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Midland Brick Christmas Party

Well didn't this year just shoot by.... strewth it was over before it began (a bit like ...well no let's not go their!) But wasn't it a beaut year and as usually we had our works end of year Christmas Party, and this years was gonna be at a different place. Instead of up in the water park in the hills, we headed for Hillarys Boat Harbour at Sorrento. Where we spent most of the day using the kiddies water slide, and didn't they love it!

The whole mob getting ready for their day on the slides.

Then after a ripper time on the slides it was time for 'See Santa time', which went real beaut this year. Here are Harrison and Oscar who has had enough of the fat bloke in the red suit, 'give me my pressie and i'm outta here'.

Ohhhhh isn't that sweet, my little princess

My oldest little mate Jacko.

Don't believe him Santa..... IT WAS HIM!!!!!

Then we went walkabout around the beach and along the foot path near the beach, here are Sarah and Harrison giving the old girl a cuddle.

And finally here is the whole mob getting a photo in fount of some Thingummyjig on the pathway, don't know what it is but it does look real beaut hay! And that way our Christmas Party day out for this year, and before you know it we will be hitting 2009!

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